How To Entice Women Using Pheromones
Post at 19:10 - 08/02/2018

Pheromones play a huge role in attraction. The mechanism of human pheromones is a subject of scientific inquiry, regardless of whether you believe it or not.

It delves into questions such as, how they are produced, transmitted and received and what effects they cause upon the opposite gender.

I will spare you the tedium about their molecular structures and the reactions that occur on a cellular level because there already are umpteen articles written on the subject.



What I Learned About Real Pheromones

What I am going to discuss instead is how this mechanism functions on a psychological and social level and my own experiences.   Scientists and researchers have been prolific in carrying out studies.

Some have simulated an environment wherein beautiful women have been asked to choose prospective partners out of repulsive males wearing pheromones without allowing her to have visual contact.

Let me tell you, this does not work. Simply wearing pheromones alone will not make you score. I will try and elaborate on this point

Social Interactions Are Better


When one is interacting in a social situation, like mingling in a party, each and every person emits his own aura. This can be varied. He may be exuding confidence, meekness, rudeness or panic or any other emotion.

The people around will react to whatever kind of aura is being exuded.

Say a smiling person will generate friendliness. Conversely, a frowning person will generate hostility. In short, society reacts to body language. The same principle applies to pheromones.   One has to understand a simple fact that pheromones are not miracle makers.

Have Realistic Expectations

They won’t cast a spell on a female or something. If a pheromone or a pheromone product is claiming to transform you into a Casanova, it may to some extent do so, if it really contains pheromones.

But it will not metamorphose a frog into a prince charming upon application. In other words, wearing pheromones will enhance your appeal but will not cause a genetic mutation or change your social status.

If a girl has an image of a suitable boyfriend to have a stable job and she knows that you do not have one, then wearing pheromones will not make this fact disappear.

Be Careful With Deceptive Advertising

Many advertisements for pheromone products claim that it will transform you into an Adonis. This is a false claim. Pheromones cannot transform a Woody Allen into an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A timid person will remain so regardless of pheromone application and at the same time, a confident person will have his confidence accentuated by pheromones.

Try to think of pheromones as something that magnifies what you already have and it adds a whiff of sexuality to your persona.

News channels like BBC and CNN have done stories about how professional strip teasers have used pheromones to generate more tip income. Many pick up artists are known to have used pheromones successfully.

So pheromones do work but not a Harry Potter scale. I am sorry to say that I am yet to come across a no-good vagabond or tramp-like character benefiting simply by making use of pheromones. You need to have your inner self-sorted out.

Good Hygiene Is A Must

Regular guys with good hygiene, neat dress sense, and polite manners have been known to benefit most from pheromone use.

Work best On Women That Already Like You


Consider a scenario wherein you have a crush on some girl. But this girl does not reciprocate your feelings. This may be due to any number of reasons.

Then you will have to first find out what those reasons are which are making you unsuitable and then try and work towards getting rid of them.

Improves your Self-Confidence

our shortcomings manifest themselves in your entire persona. If you can overcome them then pheromones will begin to work you.


Because pheromones rely quite a lot on your psychological state of mind and likewise your external projection of that internal state. A lot depends on what kind of personality you have, what kind of aura you exude.

It is not like, “Oh! She has inhaled my scent, now she will be aroused.” No doubt she may get aroused but that arousal may not be for you if you do not have other positives working for you.

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