Post at 18:11 - 09/02/2018

I am sure that you love it when your man goes down on you, but why he actually does that has many reasons behind it. Has his frequency of going down increased in the last few months and you are quite surprised by that? You might not be wrong for being surprised. Chances are that you two are in a long term relationship and your partner really missed you a lot so now that you are near him, he will do his best to try and impress you. Continue reading to know what it actually means when your man frequently goes down on you.


1. Reducing the risk of preeclampsia

We admit that preeclampsia is extremely dangerous, but then again if you are ingesting semen, chances of getting preeclampsia aren’t reduced a single bit. Hence, don’t hesitate to tell him that it is not working for you if you get bored with it. Also, don’t forget to thank him for listening to you.

2. No longer interested

He might have the opinion that you no longer love him and you are bored, so you are now attracted to other guys who are superior than him in terms of appearance. If that is the case, please let him know the truth. Chances are that he is trying all this just to make you feel special.


3. What he is actually thinking

He is probably thinking that you will cheat on him at the very first opportunity you get or maybe you love the attention of other guys. He is trying to just hide his insecurities and let you know that you won’t find a better guy than him.

4. What you think?

If the woman enjoys her partner going down, then skill and trust need to be considered. The main thing here is to understand that gaining loyalty has nothing to do with going down on your partner, its all about trust and communication.

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